Illuminate brings together passionate, forward-thinking individuals by hosting an enlightening series of lectures and presentations. Illuminate also supports innovative entrepreneurs through advice, networking, and other forms of assistance appropriate to the endeavor.

By promoting novel approaches, and solutions to 21st century issues and challenges, the Illuminate community provides a platform for inspiring bold thought and sparking positive change in the world.

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We are actively looking for innovators to present their ideas and inspire Illuminate audiences. Our presenters are the most creative and courageous across a broad range of fields, including the arts, sciences, business, and international relations. Learn more
Katherine Brittain Bradley, Pamela Cantor, MD, Sheila Ohlsson Walker, PhD
March 19, 2014
Jeanne Holm, Yuvi Kochar, Waldo Jaquith
February 26, 2014
Patrick Dowd, Meaghan Rose
August 22, 2013