Yuvi Kochar

CTO, Graham Holdings

Yuvi Kochar, as the corporate CTO, constantly evaluates business opportunities and threats presented by new technologies to the diverse businesses of Graham Holdings. He collaborates with business and technology executives to develop innovative strategies to leverage the rapidly changing technology environment. His current focus is in the areas of Cloud Mobility and delivering Enterprise Technology as a Service.

Yuvi collaborates with divisional IT executives on technology strategy, architecture and Shared Information Technology Services. Under his leadership, Shared IT Services have rapidly expanded to deliver leading-edge technology services for Human Resources, Finance, Enterprise Collaboration, Identity Management, Compliance, Security and Privacy. The team is innovating in the areas of social business, flexible architectures, and analytics – enabling rapid deployment of new solutions to respond to the fast-evolving requirements of the Company’s business units.

Prior to joining the Post, Yuvi was the CTO at Brassring (now Kenexa), a leading SAAS solution for Talent Management. Besides Brassring, Yuvi worked at technology startups in France, New York and Southern California. In addition to his diverse startup experience, he has extensive experience in managing complex Enterprise Technology environments.

Yuvi is the President of the Washington Area CTO Roundtable, a vibrant group of 250 CTOs. The Roundtable meets regularly to review and discuss emerging technologies.

His personal technology blog is at http://yuviontech.blogspot.com/.

Corporate CTO & VP - IT
Graham Holdings
(Kaplan, CableOne, PNS, Slate, Trove, SocialCode)